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Extend LUN mapped to physical host


Hi all

Based on a FAS 8000 platform we have some 16Tb LUNS presented to physical hosts as a mapped drive for the purposes of a backup location..

All is well with the world.


Except now i need more disk. 

Obviously i cant go above the 16Tb limit

I have the spare disk to cut the LUNS but I'm not sure of the process of how to present them as one 32Tb lump..

(or if its even possible... Any ideas at all..?)







Most NetApp systems including FAS8000 have 16TB max lun size limit. I am afraid, there isn't any solution to go beyond that limit on that series. You might have to either present  another LUN, or migrate some of the load off somewhere else.


I think at present only NetApp AFF All-SAN Arrays can go beyond 16TB limitation (I think they support 128TB Luns/300TB Flexvols).


if it’s windows you could use dynamic disks to overcome that 16TB limit


On linux use LVM.



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