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FAS 2750 in loader moder after restart


Hi we configure new 2 nodes in HA mode fas 2750 after configure the ip address we can restart the system.

after that both node is goes to loader mode. how to resolve the loader mode issue?


Root aggregate creation failed.
Aborting Initialization.
Problem disks: 0b.00.1
Rebooting... (press ctrl-c during boot to reattempt initialization)
Uptime: 2m38s
System rebooting...
BIOS Version: 11.7
Portions Copyright (C) 2014-2018 NetApp, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Initializing System Memory ...
Loading Device Drivers ...
Configuring Devices ...

CPU = 1 Processor(s) Detected.
Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU D-1557 @ 1.50GHz (CPU 0)
CPUID: 0x00050664. Cores per Processor = 12
32768 MB System RAM Installed.

Boot Loader version 6.0.8
Copyright (C) 2000-2003 Broadcom Corporation.
Portions Copyright (C) 2002-2018 NetApp, Inc. All Rights Reserved.


Re: FAS 2750 in loader moder after restart


Is there no error message showing prior to "Root aggregate creation failed."?

Are you booting the nodes one by one, so they don't interfere each other? 

Do you have enough disks in the system according to the minimum configuration for ADP in HWU.NETAPP.COM ?

Gidi Marcus (Linkedin) - Storage and Microsoft technologies consultant - Hydro IT LTD - UK

Re: FAS 2750 in loader moder after restart


I'd open a support case for this if you're stuck.


Did the PS engineer not set this up for you? It should have had Data ONTAP preinstalled and ready to go. You may need to do a 9 on the 1-9 boot menu.


If you are stuck at loader, you can type "boot_ontap" and see what it says.

Re: FAS 2750 in loader moder after restart


YEs , sure


You have also a disk issue :

Problem disks: 0b.00.1


You can try to boot in maintenance to check your disks

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