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FAS2040 storage plan


We have a pair of FAS2040-R5 storage in our data centre which is coming to the end of the 3 yr standard support in end of October.

the flier is used mainly for our production VM.

we have added more VM since it was first put into production.

Should we extend the maintenance support or plan to upgrade the storage to a newer model like the FAS2240 ?



I would go for a 2240 - the latest ONTAP supported on the 2040 is 8.1, which limits your options down the track, plus the extra performance of the 2240 will help if you're adding more VMs. I've just today replaced a 2040 used as an offsite SnapVault secondary with a 2220. Although for me the driver was that it was cheaper to by the 2220 with 12x2TB disks than get the same number of disks for the 2040. The only thing to think about is extending the maintenance on your existing drives if you keep them when you upgrade the head.


I agree, unless there's very different pricing in your region, the support costs for one year on a 2040 will be almost the same as a new 2240 with 3 years support.


Posting in this old thread because I am currently looking at support/filer options.

I disagree with this. Unless you are paying an insane ammount for support.

We pay 5K for 24x7 4-Hour support per year.

A new unitwould run 50k


Wow, that's is a very low price, is that third party or Netapp, just hardware replacement?

It may be NetApp US has a very different pricing policy to their cousins in  Europe and Asia.

In Europe we buy our filers with 3 years premium 4 hours support, that typically adds 25% to the cost. Try to buy another year of support at the end of that would typically be the same as the original hardware cost.

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