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FAS3140 CIFS share copy to synlogy

I have a FAS3140 CIFS share of around 30 TB , would like to copy it outside (synlogy same network).Initially I tried to copy it through windows share through desktop but the speed is 10 MB/s which may take 6 month to complete.

I have shell access to both synlogy & netapp filler, what command I can use to copy it fast ?sftp ? or should I mount netapp cifs share on synlogy ? or is there any other way ?I just need the data, there is no permission issue.

Please suggest

Note: My netapp02 is down(bcz of one of the disk shelf module got failed) which has all this cifs share & netapp01 has taken over the netapp02 & the respective cifs share.


Re: FAS3140 CIFS share copy to synlogy



Robocopy with the mirror switch might work better. For more details you can refer below articles,







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