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FAS8020 new subnet, VLAN, ifgrp




I have an existing FAS8020 running cDOT 8.3GA that has ifgrp a0a configured based on e0c and e0d. It is on subnet and there is no VLAN currently. I need to implement a new VLAN but I don't have other 10GbE ports for this so the only way I can think of is to create a VLAN on top of a0a. Does it make sense?


If so, will this interrupt the existing traffic?


Also it looks like I need to create a broadcast domain, e.g.?

    network port broadcast-domain create -broadcast-domain bcast89 -mtu 1500 -ports node1:a0a,node2:a0a


I also need to create a IPspace for and associate with the above broadcast domain even though I only asign IP statically?


Thank you.




Oh, I missed this part. Sorry, I let someone else to chime in.


 Just move the lif(s) on a0a to another node before you add the VLAN to a0a.  Once the vlan is in place, has a lif on it and has been tested, repeat the process for the other node(s).  When all the nodes are done send all the lifs home.



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It should not disrupt connectivity on base interface. Yes, adding broadcast domain for new network is highly recommended. You do not really need IPspace normally, but it depends on your specific requirements (e.g. If you need different default route in new VLAN you probably need IP space).




Thanks for the reply. However, I see in cDOT 8.3 Network Management Guide, p25, it states:


"When you configure a VLAN over a port for the first time, the port might go down, resulting in a
temporary disconnection of the network.
Subsequent VLAN additions to the same port do not affect the port state"


Is the above true? In my case, I need to create a VLAN on top of an ifgrp with multimode_lacp and I have live traffic on the underlying ifgrp, will it actually interrupt the traffic on the ifgrp?


thank you.


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