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FAS8020 to FAS2750 swap



Old FAS8020:

4X2246 disk shelf's


New FAS2720:

internal 12 disks


We would like to know if its possible to move old disk shelf's (2246) that contains root aggr's+data aggr's to FAS2720 and bring root aggr's and all the configuration in the new FAS2720?


This process is supported? NetApp have a procedure for this action?


Thank you



Re: FAS8020 to FAS2750 swap


Short answer - no / avoid that.   


Long answer - 

I'll start by asking Why and was it sold/bought with the intention of doing the migration this way?   


As a wiseman told me (several times).   "Honey badger don't care".    It would (probably) work at an ONTAP level, but... I think you could run in to some unforeseen issues either during the swap or down the road.  There's no way to do the "headswap" online that's for sure. 


You would be better off doing the vol move method of migration.   and then decomming the 8020 and attaching those shelves to the new 2720. 

Here's a link to the controller upgrade guide.  I don't believe your exact question is covered.  




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