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FAS8200 Scalability


Hi Guys,

Is it any workaround that a FAS8200 can scale to 24 nodes in SAN mode.

Thank you


Re: FAS8200 Scalability


Two 12 node clusters?     


Seriously though, you can try for an fPVR,  but I doubt it will happen.    The only time i've heard it being allowed outside of the spec is if you're replacing an HA pair in a cluster.   


Why the need for 24 nodes for FC?  



Re: FAS8200 Scalability



Thank you for the hint with fpvr.

It is about performance reasons.

thnank you 

Re: FAS8200 Scalability


Replace nodes with AFF models and upgrade the cluster network to 40/100g Ethernet (providing you are using nodes that can take advantage of the higher speeds)

Re: FAS8200 Scalability


Hi Marius,


I'd encourage you to work with your NetApp SE/TAM and Account Manager on this - where you're considering a 24 node environment, we're absolutely committed to meeting essentially any customer requirement.


The caveat is that the customer requirement should be considering terms of capacity, performance and resiliancy, not raw hardware. Delivering more with less is always better in terms of power, cooling, rackspace, operations and maintenance.


Feel free to reach out to me by message or email to first.last @ netapp.com if you would like me to reach out to our internal teams for you for better engagement



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