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Facign issue while using NMSDK to get Netapp Cluster information


We observe below error for one of our Netapp Cluster version  : NetApp Release 9.1P12


netapp.manage.NaProtocolException: Unexpected HTTP response: 403 CannotLoadURLFilter
at netapp.manage.NaServer.invokeHTTP(NaServer.java:1019)
at netapp.manage.NaServer.invokeElemForXML(NaServer.java:780)
at netapp.manage.NaServer.invokeElem(NaServer.java:696)


Another Netapp cluster on same version works fine. Can someone guide what might be the issue?



I am not sure, but I can help you with some pointers here.


Two parts to the main error:
NaProtocolException  &  403CannotLoadURLFilter


This document covers meaning for first part 'NaProtocolExceptionn':


NaProtocolException —This class encapsulates the exception that arises due to a "protocol" problem. This means that the server responded with something that is not identifiable.


403 CannotLoadURLFilter - This is indicating URL filtering module, so is there a 'proxy' settings on the browser ?


Try these steps:  [SDK can use "ontapi" via http or https, depending upon what you select, bydefault it is 'https']

Run this command on both Cluster:
::> set adv
::*> security config show
::*> system services web show

Compare the output of the above commands on both cluster, are they same ?

Next, if they are same, then check:
1) Browser settings, are you using any 'proxy' settings? for test purpose disable it and try.
2) Clear the browser cache, and try again.
3) What's the hostname of the two Clusters? (The one failing has any special characters).