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Failed Ontap cluster update


Trying to run a cluster update from 9.4P3 to 9.4P5 via System Manager on a newly installed FAS2720.    Get the attached error when upgrade process is trying to download the image to the nodes.    We have verified all steps outlined in the error including re-downloading the 9.4P5 image from NetApp support site and still get the error.   Verified the checksum on the downloaded image and it looks good.   Tried a direct update of the image via HTTP from the web server on my laptop using "system node image update" and get the same error.   I know that the image on my  laptop is good as I upgraded another customer's system with it 2 days earlier.



Hi there!


If this is a direct connection with no proxy in the path, I suggest you contact our support team to work through this. This is not a common problem and you have done appropriate troubleshooting - verifying the checksums. 


Sorry I can't be of more help. 


Thanks Alex.  I am going to request that the customer do that but thought I would throw it out to see if someone else has seen the issue.   I will report back with solution if I get one from NetApp support.