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FlexClone required for mounting read-only snapshots ? Really??


Hi guys,


we have just bought SingleMailboxRestore. I wanted to test it, so I tried mounting a Snapshot throught SnapDrive 7.1.3P1 (filer runs cDOT 8.3.1P1).

I get the error that the FlexClone license is missing.


This did not happen in the past. Since I don't want read/write there is no reason why FlexClone is required. Or do I miss something?


I know that VSC got the benefit of mounting read-write snapshots starting with the release of 8.1:

"In versions of ONTAP of 8.1 and later, the FlexClone license requirement for VSC Backup and Recovery (SMVI) has been removed"


But again, I only care for read-only for SMBR...



I found this KB - https://library.netapp.com/ecmdocs/ECMP1506026/html/GUID-B6F38384-3FE8-440F-8B6E-0526D4C3D314.html

which says for SMBR/Single File Restore we just need the SnapRestore license, which we have.




Thanks for your feedback!




in the 7 mode version there was only the lun clone options that was license free.

Now in Cdot everything clone (flexclone or lun) require Flexclone license: https://library.netapp.com/ecmdocs/ECMP1196784/html/GUID-DD7D6213-DB95-42A6-8BAD-B8523967222B.html 





Hi Roberto,


I can't open your link:

File Not Found / Unauthorized Access


But I'm really confused as the information is different here:



Feature "sis-clone" requires license "SnapRestore"...


You're right. It's weird.


I think that could be two different thing. SMBR can do its job (es. from a snapvault site) without a flexclone license but it is required when you must restore a snap from the primary storage (because you have to do a clone).

I do not know exactly what could be the reason.





Still don't get why cloning is needed for a read-only (non-persistant) operation.



I will get in touch with our NetApp sales guy to clarify.




Ok, so finally I got a test version and yes SMBR does not need FlexClone to mount snapshots.

However, we found another issue - we only see our snapvaulted remote backups in SnapManager

when SnapMirror is licensed. With SnapVault only you can vault the snapshots but never see them again.

So we have another case open...


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