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Flexvol to infinite volume




Is it possible to convert a flexvol into an infinite volume? Is this possible inline? In that case is there any TR available?




Re: Flexvol to infinite volume


Well Infinite Volumes are probalby not the path you want to go down since they have been deprecated in favour of FlexGroups, and as of 9.6 there is no in-place conversion. Talk to your local SE about this if you have a use case, perhaps the feature will gain traction and priority.

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Re: Flexvol to infinite volume


Thank you very much ,


You are right, I should have not used the obsolete term. What I meant to say really is if there is a possibility to convert Flexvols automatically to a type that goes beyond the 100TB limit.

I have opened a case already but it looks like there is no way to do it as of today.

Re: Flexvol to infinite volume


I asked at last year's Insight conference when 9.5 was announced and was told that it's on the roadmap but it's not there yet.


You can certainly do it by taking the volume offline, but that's not what most of us want. 


The one use case that's a problem for me today is SnapVault destinations - I had a 70TB volume that couldn't SV any longer because the destation - with its snapshots - hit 100TB.  There's nothing you can do since you can't SV from a FlexVol to a FlexGroup.


Re: Flexvol to infinite volume


Thank you very much for your answer


I think going the FlexGroup way is the way to go. It would be great to have this conversion undisruptive and inline. I guess we will have to wait for this to come in future releases as you said.

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