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Free space

Hello All

i have a "strange" problem, i have a volume which is 700GB, inside the volume there is a LUN hosted which is 150GB and it is mapped to a windows HOST.

the free space in the Volume is 200GB (fractional reservation is 0%)

so where are the other 350GB of free space?

no snapshots in the volume

no snapshot reservation enabled

Thank you!!!!!


Re: Free space


pls give the output from  df -Vg  of the volume  and df -Ag from the belonging aggregat and ofc   lun show -v   

Re: Free space

Hi Lutz

here you are!

df -Vg /vol/fl02drybulkvol1

Filesystem               total       used      avail capacity  Mounted on

/vol/fl02drybulkvol1/      700GB      497GB      202GB      71%  /vol/fl02drybulkvol1/

snap reserve               0GB        0GB        0GB     ---%  /vol/fl02drybulkvol1/..

  df -Ag fl11aggrfc0
Aggregate                total       used      avail capacity
fl11aggrfc0             9184GB     7922GB     1261GB      86%
fl11aggrfc0/.snapshot        0GB        0GB        0GB     ---%

lun show -v /vol/fl02drybulkvol1/drybulkev.lun
        /vol/fl02drybulkvol1/drybulkev.lun  150.0g (161067432960)  (r/w, online, mapped)
                Comment: "DRYBULK Enterprise Vault Archive"
                Serial#: P3Y8JZYOzs4z
                Share: none
                Space Reservation: enabled
                Multiprotocol Type: windows
                Maps: ESX_Servers_New=29
                Occupied Size:  150.6g (161697079296)
                Creation Time: Thu Aug 12 16:01:48 EEST 2010
                Alignment: partial-writes
                Cluster Shared Volume Information: 0x0
                Space_alloc: disabled
                report-physical-size: enabled

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