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Get -NcquotaReport for a list of users from csv file.


I am trying to get the quota used by a list of users in a csv file. I want to know how much storage has been used. You can only do for a single user on cdot cli using the following


> volume quota report -vserver  test  -volume test_volume -quota-target *AD_user*


But I thought maybe using netapp powershell toolkit will be more flexible more so that I want it to only list selected user from a csv file. I have only gone as far as 

> Get-NcQuotaReport -Volume SVM09_vol13 | Fl

Which does list the disksize and the QuotaUsers values which is the info I need for this selected users from a csv file, but for the life of me, when you run the command again to only select disksize and QuotaUsers


> Get-NcQuotaReport -Volume SVM09_vol13 | Fl | select Diskused, QuotaUsers


nothing is returned. My goal will be if I was able to get a result for a single user, I will then use the foreach statement to go through a csv file and list the result for users in the list.


Can someone be of help ??





Try taking out the format part of the command. Also, from what I can tell the PowerShell cmdlet does not allow a specific ID to be requested.

Get-NcQuotaReport | select QuotaUsers, DiskUsed