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Getting Aggregate Only of HA Pair Nodes


Hi Guys, i am trying to create a filter which gives me Only Aggregates of an HA pair. In My workflow I select a Aggr where root vol will be created and i need an its HA Partner Aggr where i can create a load share mirror volume.


Could you please help.






Hi, I don’t have a working WFA in my lab to try some queries. but just wanted to outline that there is a ready built in workflow to create SVM root volume mirrors on all the cluster nodes.


also I want to point out that an SVM is not bound to a node or HA, technically volumes of the SVM can be anywhere in the cluster so unless you somehow enforces that volumes are created on a single node or HA it’s highly recommended  that you mirror the root vol to any node that host volumes in the SVM (or just all of them) and not just to the HA of the node that hosts the root volume as I believe you’re trying. 



Hence - If you don’t want to put them all over the cluster, I would have at least changed the logic to have it mirrored to any node that hold volumes for this SVM and not to the HA of the root volume (in fact the HA have no mining in terms of the root volume, if a node doesn’t hold data volumes of the SVM - it doesn’t need a copy of the root volume). 

Gidi Marcus (Linkedin) - Storage and Microsoft technologies consultant - Hydro IT LTD - UK