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Globally increase SnapVault retries?


We have a large number of SnapVault jobs that run each night and of those it seems a small number fail (never usually the same ones each time) with network errors. Manually retrying them in the morning works fine so it may be down to network congestion at the time.


I understand snapvault modify -f will change the number of retries for failed transfers for an individual job, is there a way to set this globally for all jobs without manually changing each job? I would like to try increasing from the default 2 retries to perhaps 4.


Is there a way to set this in DFM? Note I am not referring to the  dfm option set dpMaxGetStatusRetries= and dfm option set dpGetStatusRetryInterval= dfm settings as I believe these are just changing the times dfm is checking job status, and was the only other options I came across looking into this issue.



This is 7-mode 8.2.3





Re: Globally increase SnapVault retries?

Just to add, I tried manually changing the retry value of each snapvault job in OnCommand but it got overwritten by DFM to the default 2.  Any ideas how I can permanently change the retry value?

Re: Globally increase SnapVault retries?



Did you ever solve this? I need to do exactly the same.




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