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Going deep with NetApp & Storage in general


 Hi all,


I'm looking for suggestions on what to watch/read which will assist me in understanding storage intimately. I've read through a lot of TRs, blog posts, forum discussions and have enjoyed them all, but I was wondering if anyone has any documents and/or videos which they feel would be worth looking at?


For example, @madden provided a wealth of information in response to my Interperting Grafana Graphs thread.  One of the things he mentioned was "Usually frontend processing is much lighter than backend processing". What I'd like to know is, are there any resources available which tell us this and explains why it is the case?


Basically I'm interested to learn anything and everything about the low level, inner workings of NetApp's products and storage in general. For example, I've thoroughly enjoyed reading about how CPs, dedupe and compression work. The reason being that I'm not comfortable knowing that something works "just because", I like to know how and why it works.




Storage001 -


Wish I had you in class with us !

There's a whole depth of knowledge I'd love to be teaching you.


There are a bunch of free WBT (web based training) classes on learningcenter available as well.


You're already plugged in to all of the discussions here on the NetApp Community.

It's a deep resource to search for answers.


I always try to impress the importance of RTFM on my students in class -

Read the Fabulous Manuals.

There's all the documentation on support.netapp.com.

I hope this response has been helpful to you.


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