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HA configuration on simulator


I'm getting familiar with Netapp by using the simulator in my home lab with 9.4.  Currently I have a 2 node cluster.  I found the ontap 9 High Availability guide.  Based on the instructions I have booted node 1 into Maintenance Mode.  Now trying to run ha_config commands (ha_config show, ha_config modify controller  ha-state etc.).  It says "ha_config commands not supported on this configuration".  Is it possible to run the simulator in HA mode to test the HA features out?  I need to have a good understanding of how HA works.  Thanks.





I suggest use https://www.flackbox.com/ to see how to install simulator, they also have youtube video on how to install simulator. 

BTW this simulator does not support HA. Please read  Simulate ONTAP 9.4 Installation and Setup Guide and check out page 6.


Simulate ONTAP does not support the following features:

 High Availability (CFO/SFO)

 Fibre channel and SAN connectivity

 RLM (Remote LAN Module)

 CFE, BIOS, shelf FW, and so on

 Multipathing


Thanks so much for your reply about page 6 of the Installation and setup guide for simulator.  This perfectly answers my question - HA not available on simulator.  I've seen the training from Flackbox and I love it.  Problem is I need to learn the 9.4 GUI and all his current training is on 8x.  I'm waiting for him to get out his 9x stuff.