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Hello, I am planning to migrate NFS, CIFS and iSCSI data from a 8.2.1 7-MODE (FAS3270) to 8.2 C - mode. Please suggest a best way to do it. Thanks.


waiting for your responses.



Hi AN2595128

Contact your local NetApp sales office to arrange use of a Clustered ONTAP swing host.

Migrate all your data onto that, then rebuild your FAS3270 in cluster mode and add it to the "swing" cluster.

Move everything (volumes, LIFs, etc) in the cluster from the swing host to the 3270 nodes then decommission the swing host and return it to NetApp.





thanks Adam.

I missed to put these details, I am going to get a new FAS8040 C -  mode setup (2 node cluster). We just need to migrate half of the data loaded on FAS3270 7 - mode. Planning to do it through snapmirror. Is it possible to put a asynchronous snapmirror between 7 mode(8.2.1) and C (8.2. & 8.2.1) mode for NFS and iSCSI data?


kindly refer to 7MTT a tool >>http://mysupport.netapp.com/NOW/download/software/ntap_7mtt/1.3/ which may be used for NAS data migration and cutover to CDOT.

you may use hostbased migrations for ISCSI data

Can you please elaborate the kind of ISCSI data that you may have for migrations (HOST OS/ DB / APPS)?

Thank you



Thanks PN.

I have dropped the plan to move iSCSI data. Now plan is to move only NAS data of a 7 mode vfiler to a new vserver in cluster NetApp. Please suggest which way it will be easier, 7MTT tool or TDP snapmirror?

PS: amount of data which has to be moved is 50Tb


The 7MTT is the best way to migrate NAS volumes, it has a simple gui and will automate the replication and cutover without destroying the source in case you need to rollback.


thanks for your suggestions.

Can anyone help me in detailed procedure of cutover after TDP snapmirror from 7 mode to C mode filer in a NFS volume? and how do we set the user quotas in cluster mode?


Yes for NFS, no for iSCSI, at least today. I have heard rumors that LUN SnapMirror may be supported in 8.3, but until it is released ... Who knows.

If you need to migrate today, you need to use host based migration for LUN data.

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