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Host Utilities Kit 7.0 needed with MPIO DSM 4.1p1?


Is the Host Utilities Kit 7.0 needed separately with MPIO DSM 4.1p1 on Windows 2008 and 2012 servers?  A recent instructor said HUK was bundled with DSM4.1p1 during install.  Or you at least need HUK7.0 without the DSM4.1p1 package.  






You almost always want to install the Host Utilities Kit in a SAN environ.

It's almost guaranteed that if you open a support case, they'll ask you to run diagnostics included in the HUK.


I haven't checked the downloads lately.

The DSM is s'posed to be included with the HUK, but I don't think the HUK is included with the DSM ?


Most of my clients just use the native Microsoft DSM ...


I hope this response has been helpful to you.


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Resurrecting an old thread, but having just had trouble installing HU7.1 on Server 2012, the required hotfixes won't install (not applicable) as they've long been superseded by the monthly quality rollups.


The Host utilities install guide https://library.netapp.com/ecm/ecm_download_file/ECMLP2789202 Page 25 says:



Note: Windows Unified Host Utilities is currently required for all supported configurations of
Windows hosts that use NetApp LUNs except if the host is running Data ONTAP DSM 3.5 for
Windows MPIO or later


So your instructor was correct.



Yeah the HUK 7.0 and 7.1 work fine.  They work with MPIO no prob and have a decent san_version utility.  The settings are set correctly.  Wish they'd bring back the DSM / Plugin for Windows compmgmt.   

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