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How do you delete WORM files on Enterprise edition before the retention has been met?


Migrating files from a Snaplock volume that has files that have not met their retention.  Would like to delete after they are written out to another software solution using snaplock.  Is there a tool to delete multiple files from a snaplock volume?  These are customer files.





The privileged delete feature of SnapLock allows a privileged user to delete a file that is otherwise immutable because of a retention policy. A privileged user should be part of the "Compliance Administrators" group. On a SnapLock Enterprise volume, a privileged user can delete an unexpired WORM file irrespective of its retention period.
The delete operation is recorded in the SnapLock log file. All the privileged delete operations are logged in the SnapLock log file in a volume. Therefore, the privileged delete feature is also known as Auditable Delete. 
Each SnapLock Enterprise volume has one of the following options for the privileged delete functionality:
•on—The privileged delete feature is turned on and deletions are allowed on that SnapLock Enterprise volume.
•off—The feature is turned off and no privileged delete operations are allowed on that SnapLock Enterprise volume.
•disallowed—The feature is disabled for this volume and can never be turned on for this volume. If this option is set, you cannot delete any files from the volume before the expiry date.
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