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How many IOPS can FAS8080 handle


20 CPU's


has flash pool configured.

All SAS disks


For this configuration, in general, how many IOPS can this filer handle or maximum IOPS before we see the perofrmance degraded?


Thanks for your input!



Very much dependant on workload, configuration, etc. In general, we size to workloads, not provide raw max figures, because they don't exist as such - for example, we might be able to do X00,000 IOPS at 1ms latency - but X10,000 at 2ms .. or X80,000 at 10ms - which is the right figure? 


We have a published SPC1 benchmark of an All-Flash FAS8080 at 685,000 IOPS -


Since then we have added OS optimizations etc, so this should not be considered a maximum figure - just a figure for that config.







this is not straight forward. sit with your SE on their sizing tools and do the calculation with them.



in  page 21 is saying a 15K SAS disk can do 176 IOPS on the back-end.

we don't know how you building your system with these 72 disks (spares?, raid type? ,raid groups count?, root aggregate?)... 


the calculation you'll get from that is your bottleneck on the back-end. but the front end activity can look completely different with caching, dedup. compression, in-memory activity (especially for NAS use),background activities...



Gidi Marcus (Linkedin) - Storage and Microsoft technologies consultant - Hydro IT LTD - UK


As Gideon says - it is not a straight forward answer, nor a straight forward question - there are literally more than 50 different variables that goes into sizing, including read/write sizes, random vs sequential read vs write, concurrency of workloads, access protocols, version of ONTAP, etc. Depending on this data, it could be 400MB/sec to 950MB/sec, with 11,000 to 130,000 IOPS or more.


If you are concerned that your existing system is running slow, please open a support case and we will investigate.


If you are looking for a sizing for a workload as part of a potential purchase, you need to work with a solutions engineer from NetApp directly as part of the sales process. 


How many drives and what is the raid configuration, you need to understand that.


How big is your flash pool?


Size and configuration.


There are tons of factors





How many drives and what is the raid configuration, you need to understand that.


164 x 1TB SAS raid6-dp, 1 large aggregate.


How big is your flash pool?


11x380G SSD



Please let me know. Thanks,


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