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How many flash pool per single controller?


I have an Ontap 9 ha pair with 2 flash pool aggregates based on ssd storage pools. Controller are FAS8040 and the cluster is composed by 6 nodes in total.

I would like to add another aggregate made from different hdd type, and convert it to flash pool using some other physical SSDs.

Is it possibile to have more than one flash pool per single controller?
Can I have storage pool and physical ssd flash pool in the same controller?

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Re: How many flash pool per single controller?

Yes, you can have many FlashPool aggregates in a single controller. 

You might be interested in partitioning SSD drives with StoragePool technology, so you'll be able to use a single set of SSDs with up to 4 aggregates.

Re: How many flash pool per single controller?

Thanks Damien,

All SSDs are currently used in a storage pool for 2 aggregates in the HA pair, and I have no free slot on the disk shelf.
I was just looking on the possibility to add another disk shelf with SSDs, but they're different in capacity from the others.

I'll evaluate storage pool for aggregate 3 and 4.

Re: How many flash pool per single controller?

You can add new SSD to existing Storage Pool if they are same in size and extend existing aggregates’ cache.

You can create second storage pool out of new ssd drives.

You can add new ssd to an aggregate either as part of new storage pool or as whole drives but in this case you aggregate have to be without cache in the first place.

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