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How "net int migrate-all -node local" will be working?


The reason I am asking is because we are planning on a networking maintenance to customer data switches. 

Therefore, all data connections will be stopped and reconnected. I am thinking to migrate all NFS/CIFS connections to the other node in the cluster, and then revert them back after the maintenance is completed.


Does that sounds all we need to do for this maintenance ? Am I missing anything? If this command can do the work? 

Thank you!







It's a very hand command if you need to preform network maintaince on a node.    I used it recenly for a customer that was redoing their network archetection.  We did one node at a time,  Went something like this:

  1. Ran net int migrate-all -node node-1
  2. <Network team did their thing>
  3. Checked each ifgrp when the network team said they were done.
  4. Moved some test lifs 
  5. Ran net int revert * to do the rest 

I would specifiy the node though, not "local"   network interface migrate-all -node node-01



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