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How to Migrate from FAS2552 to FAS2720


Hi All,


What is the best method and tools for Migrate from FAS2552 to FAS 2720?

We need to migrate all existing configuration and data from FAS2552 ro FAS2720, and convert FAS2552 to DS2246.


* existing FAS, (FAS2552)

  - Migrate to FAS2720

 - 12X960GB SAS

 - 1 LUN VMware and 3 Volumes of NFS

- ONTAP 8.3.2P2


*New Box

 - FAS2720

 - 12X4TB NL-SAS

 - ONTAP 9,


1. We need to migrate from FAS2552 to FAS2720

2. After migrate, we need to wipe for FAS2552

3. After wipe FAS2552, we need to convert FAS2552 to DS2246


how to do that, and what is the best way ?

is that any deep concern to do this ?


Very Appreciate if any insight and writing me back.

Thank you



Re: How to Migrate from FAS2552 to FAS2720


For VMware the best is just to use storage vmotion on the esx side. 

For the nfs side assuming they are client shares.     You might want to upgrade that 2552 to 9.3 or 9.5 and use snapmirror between the two to migrate them.  

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Re: How to Migrate from FAS2552 to FAS2720


Hi @SpindleNinja 


Thank you for writing me back.


another question:


1. If existing (FAS2552) will be converted to DS2246, is it need to wipe first on FAS2552?

2. Using Snapmirror for migrating NFS data and let's say any client shares, is it any downtime requirement?


is there any other concern to?


Really appreciate your insight and your help.


Thank you


Re: How to Migrate from FAS2552 to FAS2720


Snapmirror, yes would involve some downtime, but it's the simplest.      You can do it without downtime,  but you would have to do the following: 


Upgrade the 2552 to a newer rev that matches what the 2720 is being deployed at.    

Convert the 2552 to a switched cluster using dedicated cluster switches   (Something like a CN1610 or BES-53248) 

Add the 2720 to the cluster, creating a 4 node cluster.   

Once the 2720 is configured,   vol move everything to the new system.    

Remove the 2552 from the cluster

(And if you want,  remove the cluster switches)   


This could be helpful as well for you -> https://docs.netapp.com/platstor/topic/com.netapp.doc.hw-upgrade-controller/Miscellaneous%20-%20Upgrading%20controller%20hardware.pdf   Starting page 23.  


Convert the 2552 to shelf is pretty straight forward.    

You will want to be sure that any trace of the old system config is removed.  

delete all aggrs. 

un-own and un partition all drives. 

the boot menu opt 4 or 9a can be helpful with this too. 

after that you can just power it down and install the IOMs and connect it to the 2720.  


Re: How to Migrate from FAS2552 to FAS2720


Hi @SpindleNinja 




Your solution is very helpful, very detailed with a point to point.

thank you for your insight really appreciate for ur help.


The solution is accepted!





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