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How to add new disk to an existing aggregate



I have an Fas2552 Running C-DOT 8.3.1P1 enable ADP

and now I want to add new disk to the existing ADP aggregate

I have no idea after I assign disk to Filer

how do I partition the new disk under C-DOT?




The Physical Storage Management Guide has a detailed section on how to add storage to an ADP aggregate, starting on page 138.


In a nutshell, if you add an unpartitioned disk to a RAID group with partitioned drives the system will automatically partition it.  If you add the disk to a RAID group, or create a new one, with unpartitioned drives, then the system will not partition it.



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I had some odd behavior where ONTAP will mix drives.  If you have a FAS2500 with 12 partitioned drives... for adding physical drives, I would create a new raid group then use the slightly larger drives for the new raid group in the same aggregate.  Note that if you only have partitioned drives, make sure to leave a virtual spare (9D+2P+1S).. if you have partitioned and physical of the same size, then you can go with only physical spares and use all 12 drives for the data rg0 (10D+2P).