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How to configure SNMP trap for vscan options in NetApp FAS3240 7-Mode Version 8.2.

Hi all,



netapp> vscan scanners
Virus scanners(IP and Name)      P/S Connect time (dd:hh:mm)  Reqs    Fails    Curr. Reqs.
 10.x.x.y     \\scan1                         Pri   239:09:14            162149                54        0
 10.x.x.x     \\scan2                        Sec   118:01:14                 0                     0        0
  10.x.y.z     \\scan3                        Pri   118:01:14           3347786                 9        0
 10.x.z.y     \\scan4                          Pri   118:01:13          79897291              16        0
I would like to know the threshold count for the current requests for the scan server. Also I would like to montior this value in a monitoring tool. So then what could be the MIB or OID to send the SNMP traps.
Please guide me how to proceed.
I could see for  vscanConnection this is the MIB but its not giving the proper output which I'm looking for.
Please help
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