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How to find the IP Address of a node


Hi, we have a FAS8200 in cluster mode running v9.1


I ran the autosupport, and did not receive the email that i was expecting, so i am looking into tracking what is it that is stopping this from working. 


To start with i cannot find the IP Address of the node that should be sending the notfication. it is email as its set to smtp. would anyone be able to tell me the command that i can use to find the ip address please. 


I can then track that on the firewall and the email server. 


Many thanks


Re: How to find the IP Address of a node


net int show -role node-mgmt will show you the node mgmt IPs.  



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Re: How to find the IP Address of a node


You'll want to ensure that all node management  and cluster management LIFs are referenced in your firewall configuration to ensure proper AutoSupport functionality. Check TR-4444 for more details. 


TR-4444, pg. 11:


For ONTAP AutoSupport messages to NetApp through HTTPS, allow all node-mgmt and clustermgmt logical interfaces (LIFs) on ONTAP clusters.

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