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How to get a copy of backup config


Is there a way of getting a copy of the backup configuration of a cDOT node running 9.1 other than FTP or HTTP to an external source?


Before I de-commission the cluster, I would like to get a copy of the backup config, just in case I have to rebuild the cluster.  I am hoping to find out what the location in the systemshell is so I can hopefully SCP the file to another location.  I can't get a FW rule created for FTP or HTTP but I can get to the cluster via port 22 and was hoping to use SCP to transfer the file(s).


Any methods besides the FTP or HTTP path?






Re: How to get a copy of backup config


You can although I'm not sure how supported it is.  If you login to the systemshell with your diag account you can scp the cluster backups to another host:


lab-cluster1::*> set diag

lab-cluster1::*> systemshell -node lab-node3

  (system node systemshell)

diag@'s password:


Warning:  The system shell provides access to low-level

diagnostic tools that can cause irreparable damage to

the system if not used properly.  Use this environment

only when directed to do so by support personnel.


lab-node3% cd /mroot/etc/backups/config

lab-node3% scp <whatever_your_backup_file_is> user@host_ip:/folder/


If you can't login with your diag user, you can view / unlock it with this:


lab-cluster1::*> security login show -user-or-group-name diag


Vserver: lab-cluster1

                             Authentication             Acct   Is-Nsswitch

User/Group Name  Application Method    Role Name        Locked Group

---------------- ----------- --------- ---------------- ------ -----------

diag             console     password  admin            no     no


lab-cluster1::*> security login unlock -username diag

lab-cluster1::*> security login password -username diag



If you want to go the other way, scp to the filer to grab content, you'd need to do some scripting as you have to log in with an admin then set diag, systemshell to the node with the diag user and then scp.  The password part for the diag user would be the hard part.

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Re: How to get a copy of backup config



I was going to suggest SFTP, since SSH works, but it doesn't seem to work even though its listed as a supported URL scheme.

Cluster1::system configuration backup*> upload -node Cluster1-03 -backup filename.7z -destination sftp://user:password@host:port/uploads

Error: command failed: Invalid URL scheme. Only one of (FTP , HTTP , TFTP , SFTP) are valid.

Oddly, it will take ftps even though its not in the list.

Cluster1::system configuration backup*> upload -node Cluster1-03 -backup filename.7z -destination ftps://user:password@host:port/uploads
Uploading the configuration backup file.



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Re: How to get a copy of backup config


Thanks for this solution.  Works great and yes, we'll script this so it can be done on a schedule.



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