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How to remain the access to two unjoined nodes.


After two nodes get unjoined from a cluster:


1. Should I still have sp access to run nodeshell commands?
2. what least should I do to have ssh access?





SP access - yes. 


You'll need to make sure the controller gets reinitialized before you do anything else.   Which you can do through the SP after running "system console" via the SP.   


After unjoining, the system does a wipeconfig which I believe also wipes all "user" info out of the SP/BMC. If you are logged in, you are OK until you log out. 

If the SP/BMC keeps its' IP, you may be able to SSH in with either "naroot" or "admin" without a password....I think!


Specifically, can I still run "sanitation" in nodeshell after unjoined nodes from the cluster?


After unjoined two nodes,  I should be still able to using SP/BMC to get into nodes, the root aggregates(or data aggr as well) should be still there, and that are required to run "sanitation", right?




To unjoin, all the volumes had to go away (except the root/vol0). The Root and any data aggregates may still be around.

The system does a wipeconfig and dumps you back to the Boot Menu.

Choose option 5 to go into Maintenance mode and use the "disk sanitize" command to start sanitizing.

HDD: take a very long time. 4-passes. Three for wipe and one for format.