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I can move an iSCSI LUN to an FC Initiator, but not the other way round


I created a mixed protocol initiator, and mapped a LUN that was previously mapped to an initiator with an iQN.


Now this mixed protocol, I have added FC WWNs.

I tried to revert to the earlier initiator, and discovery failed on the server.


Is it a thing with NetApp FC Protocol even when you specify the mixed protocol, or there is an extra configuration I must enable in the iSCSI initiator?



I'm not sure what you're asking in this.


These two protocols are over two different mediums. Would you be able to provide some information about the end goal for this environment? What does the LUN mapping look like for this? what is the LIF configuration for the SVM hosting the LUN?



so the idea is that, I was using an iSCSI protocol for provisioning LUNs. Eventually we bought a SAN switch with FC connectivity and want to move those LUNs nondisruptively. 

What I did before asking this question was to create a test LUN and map to an existing iSCSi initiator, write to it and remap to an initiator with mixed protocols (I added only the servers WWNs).


This worked.


But we'll be replicating to an iSCSI DR environment pending the time we will be getting a SAN switch. This failed when I tried to revert.


So that's the situation that birthed that question.


What do you think can be done about that?