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I deleted an nfs volume but didn't free up space in the aggregate


Hi guys, sorry for my english!

I manage a Netapp storage environment and I came across the following situation: I deleted a 23 TB NFS volume that was not in use, to free up aggregate space, after 24 hours I realized that I had not released aggregate space.
The volume was completely excluded from storage, there was no snapmirror configured.

Excluded volume information:

Vserver Volume Aggregate Status Type Size Available Used%
--------- ------------ ------------ ---------- ---- --- ------- ---------- -----
svm_egm_cae01 TE_CAE_PROG_ENG_CHEFE_SISTEMAS_TEST_CLEAN aggr_sata_n2 online RW 23.28 TB 4.10 TB 78%

Below is some information about aggregate settings:

clus-emb-egm-eng ::> df -h -A
Total aggregate used availability capacity
aggr_root_n1 3179GB 3025GB 154GB 95%
aggr_root_n1 / .snapshot 167GB 0B 167GB 0%
aggr_root_n2 3179GB 3025GB 154GB 95%
aggr_root_n2 / .snapshot 167GB 0B 167GB 0%
aggr_sata_n1 254TB 224TB 30TB 88%
aggr_sata_n1 / .snapshot 0B 0B 0B 0%
aggr_sata_n2 254TB 250TB 4241GB 98%
aggr_sata_n2 / .snapshot 0B 0B 0B 0%

Storage model: FAS8200


Re: I deleted an nfs volume but didn't free up space in the aggregate




23TB of data might take sometime to reflect back. Can you confirm that the volume is no longer available. Also, not sure which version of Ontap you running; but you can check the recovery queue and remove the volume from there as well.


cluster::> vol recovery-queue show

The volume you deleted would show with the same name and add a suffix to it. if it is still showing there, you can proceed and deleted.

cluster::> vol recovery-queue purge -vserver <vserver name> -volume <volume name>



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