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Import external snapvault relationships into OnCommand


Hi All,

IHAC who is currently doing a PoC with SnapProtect.

In order for SnapProtect to work properly, it must see the Snapvault relationships in OnCommand.

The problem that I have is that the external relationships are not seen in OnCommand/Protection Manager.

Does anyone know how I can make them visible in OnCommand?






I assume you're referring to OnCommand 5.x Unified Manager.  If not, please specify.

In order for OnCommand Unified Manager (OCUM) to discover and report on SnapVault relationships, a few things are necessary:

  • Both the source and destination storage controllers must be configured & monitored by the OCUM server.
  • Valid Login credentials and transport protocols must be supplied for each storage controller in the OCUM server.
  • NDMP login credentials should be specified for each storage controller in the OCUM server.  This is required for Protection Manager functionality.

Once all of the above conditions have been met, the OCUM monitors that collect SnapVault information must execute. You can force this to occur with a "dfm host discover <hostname or host-id>" command.  Run this on both the primary and secondary controllers in the relationship.  Once the monitors finish, check to see if the relationships are listed in OCUM.  If you're using Protection Manager, these relationships should be shown in the "External Relationships" menu.


Hi Berks,

     On and above what Reid said. Only the following kind of snap vault relationships are supported.

qtree to qtree SnapVault and not whole volume snapvault.

Also check in the svmon.log in your <install dir>/log/ for any errors.



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