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Inactive data reporting at the file level for netapp volumes with detailed reporting


is there a tool that can provide detailed inactive data reporting at the file level with following information


1) list of files with their names that has not been accessed for 90 days with last accessed time stamp from each volume. 


I have tried enabling FSA  for volumes from system's manager which reports access time but that does not match timestamp reported by "ls -ltr" after mounting it on linux system. Also file analytics available only from system manager and would have to navigate to each and every folder and file to see its access time which is very inconvenient. i don't find no exporting option (or) equivalent  command line option to generate granular analytics report from Ontap.  Also we have several volumes transitioned from 7 mode for which filesystem analytics is not supported / unable to enable.  Has anyone used it and found it useful ?


Also have investigated XCP tool, but it appears displays percentage of files that are hot and cold and the total size of the files in each category but not the actual list of files with their names that were cold from each volume with last accessed time stamp.


appreciate any help here (or) recommendation for any third party tool that can accomplish this.



Hi @san456, have you looked at NetApp Cloud Data Sense?  https://cloud.netapp.com/netapp-cloud-data-sense 


Lepide has a free tool, though I have not used it personally https://www.lepide.com/freetools/open-shares-and-stale-data.html