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Installation of cDOT to 6480 - step by step


Hello folks,


Would you help on this? We are investigating option to move to cDOT from 7-mode. We have currently unutilized 6480 which is currently running 7 mode but I am ok to wipe out everything and setup cDot there.


So here is what I need:


- cabling guide for 6480 for a switchless 2-node cluster, we have 8 10G Ethernet interfaces on each head

- installation instruction and step by step guide of latest cDOT on 6480


Thanks in advance



We have currently unutilized 6480

Such model does not exist (at least, not publicly 🙂 )


So here is what I need:

For a start, you need C-Mode license. Do you have one?

**bleep**, 6240, obviously. Yes, we have the license.

Good. Then follow https://kb.netapp.com/support/index?page=content&id=1015457&actp=SUBSCRIPTION to convert each node to C-Mode. You can actually use NetBoot (in that case it is pretty much irrelevant what version is currently installed), just make sure to update SP firmware and BIOS in advance to the latest release. Supported LAN ports usage is listed in HWU. Otherwise just follow Express Setup Guides for C-Mode. You probably won't find them for 62xx models, just adjust internal port indications according to HWU recommendations.

Article Not Found The article was not found, is restricted to NetApp employees and partners, or is no longer available. I did search on that article number and with '7-mode to cluster mode' keywords. Nothing comes up.

@irakli_natsvlishvili I am  investigating ways for you to get the information in this article.

@irakli_natsvlishvili Due to the licensing requirements for these steps, please contact your sales partner for the information in this article. If you think you should have access to this article, please contact NetApp Support regarding your Support Site access.


Go to MyAutosupport>Transition Advisor. i think you will find the answer to many of your questions. 





I do not see it was the case. As I said - I wanted to have greenfield/from the scratch deployment of old system.


It is resolved now. I modifed boot env, switched to cluster boot and wiped out the config. Thanks everybody.