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Inventory Collect Tool - no data in Excel


Hi Guys,


I've joined a community recently and I am happy to be here because I see a lot of specialists here.  I had no idea that I will face first problem so soon. i have a bunch of Netapps to do inventory. I found a nice tool called "Inventory Collect tool". I connect it to the filer get a lot of data but cannot see it in nicely generated spreadsheet.


I have to files one is xml filled with conrete data and second as a workbook which has to present this data in readable form.

When i start workbook it is empty. Somehow excel does not ingest data from xml.


I was looking througout the Internet but no solution for that.

Do you have such problem and know how to solve it?






Hi Jakub,


In general the inventory collection tool (ICT) is used together with the migration tool (7-MTT)


The generated assesment XML should be imported into the 7-MTT tool for the assesment report (workbook) to be generated.


Hi Leung,


Thank you for your response. I did as you said. i installed 7-Mode Transition tool and import those exports. Nothing happened at all. When i generate report from them I see much smaller files and still cannot see the excel in proper maner.

I imported file which has 2MB and when i generated transition report to ver 9.5 I got teo files one for Word and one for Excel. They weight about 160KB so much less then source file.


What may i do more to get this data nicely presented?


Thanks in advance.



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