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Inventory Collect Tool - no data in Excel


Hi Guys,


I've joined a community recently and I am happy to be here because I see a lot of specialists here.  I had no idea that I will face first problem so soon. i have a bunch of Netapps to do inventory. I found a nice tool called "Inventory Collect tool". I connect it to the filer get a lot of data but cannot see it in nicely generated spreadsheet.


I have to files one is xml filled with conrete data and second as a workbook which has to present this data in readable form.

When i start workbook it is empty. Somehow excel does not ingest data from xml.


I was looking througout the Internet but no solution for that.

Do you have such problem and know how to solve it?





Re: Inventory Collect Tool - no data in Excel


Hi Jakub,


In general the inventory collection tool (ICT) is used together with the migration tool (7-MTT)



The generated assesment XML should be imported into the 7-MTT tool for the assesment report (workbook) to be generated.

Re: Inventory Collect Tool - no data in Excel


Hi Leung,


Thank you for your response. I did as you said. i installed 7-Mode Transition tool and import those exports. Nothing happened at all. When i generate report from them I see much smaller files and still cannot see the excel in proper maner.

I imported file which has 2MB and when i generated transition report to ver 9.5 I got teo files one for Word and one for Excel. They weight about 160KB so much less then source file.


What may i do more to get this data nicely presented?


Thanks in advance.



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