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Is there a way to disable showing nested junction points in a volume's snapshot?


Right now I have two volumes, 'vol_test' and 'vol_nested'. 'vol_test' is mounted at /vol_test, and 'vol_nested' is mounted at /vol_test/vol_nested.


If I create a snapshot for 'vol_test', say 'snap-1', then the directory /vol_test/.snapshot/snap-1/vol_nested also shows up.


However, accessing it will throw the following error:


ls: reading directory .: Input/output error


It is very reasonable to not allow traversing nested junction point within a snapshot. But I wonder in this case why it is still shown there? Is there any way to configure the vserver/volume so that such junction points won't show up in the parent volume's snapshot?


Thanks in advance.



If you store data under both volume.  i dont know any better way to do it.

This should be the outcome of some poor planning of directory structure.


but if you dont really store any date in "vol_test" it is there only for mounting the "vol_nested" under that, and create the path in that way.

Then, you can create virtual directory in your namespace called "/vol_test" and mount the "vol_nested" under that.


So you wont have this snapshot problem.


To achive this, you have to tap in to debug mode and system shell to create that directory or mount point.