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Is there a way to getemail alerts when volumes fill up or get to a predetermined point?


Is there a way to getemail alerts when volumes fill up or get to a predetermined point?


Im trying to get the MIB file from /etc/on the device and I not able to do that . The MIB download section says use the MIB from /etc... so how do I get it ?




Have a look at page 118-137 of this:


I cover how to configure capacity monitoring, alerting, etc. using the command line and Unified Manager, as well as monitoring quotas.


It's a FlexGroup TR, but it applies to FlexVols as well.


One more thing with SNMP:


You will absolutely find, that if you try to use SNMP to query, you will be sorely out of luck. It does not work well at all.

It can most certainly send traps effectively (also review my last post as it tells you how to send EMS with SNMP also) but queries...ah man...not many of the OIDs actually respond to a query!





I found out many years ago, ONTAP does NOT in fact send ASUP to customers anymore using the old asup method. I have set it up and it does not always do what is needed. So what do do?


EMS (Event Management System)

There is a simple, easy to follow doc to set it up:


All you need are an email address/group, a SMTP server and away you go!


Take a look. If you want more info, just ask.

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