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Issue with aggr creation


hi there 

we have NetApp Release 8.1.4p1 7-Mode.

i am trying to create an aggragte of 32 disks of type FCAL and getting an error with dula parity


aggr create aggr_name -t raid_dp -d oc.32 1a.39...........up to 32 disks and get following error

aggr create: Neither a count of disks nor a list of disks for the new aggregate was specfied.





would be helpful to see the full command. likely a typo.

The first disk you have oc.32 and probably should be 0c.32

(zero instead of the letter o)


or try


aggr create aggr_name -t raid_dp -T FC-AL -r 16 -n 32

(create an aggr using RAID-DP, type FCAL, 16 disks per raid group, use 32 disks, show-me but not not apply)

If you like the output, then drop the -n and run again.


Also, why not use the GUI?




hi there 

thank u for your time

i have used aggr create agg1 -R 15000 50 and it worked but i have another issue that is i have 50 15k RPM disk and other 32 7200 RPM disks but i want to mix them to have big aggregate but i cant mix it so is there any solution to have both in one aggregate or i need to attatch anoth disk shelf





You do not want to mix them


15K = high-speed 

7200 = SATA


VERY different performance characteristics. Not even close to a good idea to mix.


If you *must*, I am going to leave it to you to research (I will not dictate an answer here as I personally think it is a really REALLY bad idea) how to do it. Hints: you must use CLI and more than likely something other than "admin" level.


yeagh i know

but i can afford the risk as i am using it for not very important data but any whay when i try to do that it says u can't mixe it so i was just asking is it possible or not and that's it as i will attach another disk shelf .


thnak u for your time