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Keep the same SVM name as primary when do DR test


When we snapmirrior CIFS shares over to DR site, we will have to use SVM name on DR filer, which is different from Primary site. I am thinking this is not the right way, the application should not change the accessing name. Is there any way to achieve that?



Re: Keep the same SVM name as primary when do DR test


You cannot have same SVM name at Source and Destination as i have tried in my LAB and got the error below 


Cluster1 is my Source Cluster and Cluster2 is my destination 


I used the same SVM name " SVM_TEST"  and while create i got the warning in my destination stating there is already an entry in my DOMAIN but i still continued choosing ok to reuse the account and guess what my while i try to setup Snapmirror i got error that i must change the SVM name.... Refer to the screenshots... ( May be can give a try if you have different Name Server at Source and Destination )















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