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LDAP over SSL on ONTAP8.1 c-mode


On ONTAP8.0.X 7-mode, we can setup LDAP over SSL by options ldap.ssl.enable set to on.

But On ONTAP8.1RC2 c-mode, that option does'nt exist.

I can contact with LDAP server without SSL(port 386), but using port 636,

『Failed to contact with LDAP server』message returned.

Anyone knows how to setup LDAP over ssl on ONTAP8.1RC2 c-mode?

Or LDAP over SSL not implemented ?

I'm at a loss. Can anyone offer some advice?



Re: LDAP over SSL on ONTAP8.1 c-mode

Hi Keishi,

It is implemented in Clustered Data ONTAP 8.2.1RC1 but not before that version for cDOT (only 7-Mode as you mentioned).   Check out the release notes for this version.   Many customers have been anxiously awaiting this release and it is finally here!


Kind regards,


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