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LIF Error

When we configured Intercluster LIF on one of our SVM then we got the Below ERROR

Error: command failed: Cluster, intercluster and management interfaces must be owned by a node vserver


Re: LIF Error

Its telling you exactly what's wrong.


go onto the cli and type net int show


print it here

Re: LIF Error


Re: LIF Error


Re: LIF Error

I'm assuming you are using a command of the following general form...


::> network interface create -vserver [your-SVM-here] -lif [your-lif-name-name-here] -role intercluster -home-node ...


An intercluster lif is owned/associated with cluster nodes.  It isn't associated with general data SVMs through which the data is available (shares/LUNs).  The error message you are getting is because you are not using a node name as the target SVM in the command to create the intercluster lif.


It may seem counter-intuitive but it fits.  The intercluster-lif represents a physical connection between two cluster and is thus associated with a node as owner of the phsyical resource.  The physical inter-connect is then shared with the logical data SVMs in the cluster as needed for each data transfer.  While a SnapMirror relationship is between data SVMs, the data traverses node to node between clusters. 


Though not required, a good practice is to create an intercluster lif for each node on both clusters.  Then, no matter what the endpoints of a data transfer are, the cluster nodes can all participate and better utilize the full pipe between the clusters assuming you have sufficient bandwidth. 


Of course if an ICL to the destination only exists on one node, all other nodes will use the cluster interconnect to route data through that ICL as needed.


Hope this helps.

Re: LIF Error



After changing the Node also the same error occuring

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