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LIF port not enable


Hi we have configure the lif but below error show how can fix the issue. network port is not showing in lif configuration.




Re: LIF port not enable


I guess the error contains a clue, what's the Ip you are assigning for the IC_LIF ? Is there any ports available in the broadcast domain where the intended IP space exits ?


Check the network broadcast domain show command (or in the GUI), you might have to remove (or add) the ports that you want to create this IC_LIF upon, add it to the new IP space/Broadcast domain and then create the LIFs.

Re: LIF port not enable


Even more basic, ONTAP uses a broadcast domain (not to be confused with subnetting, by the same name) to segment storage spaces. For example if you have two clients who you sell storage for, they could both have the same IP for storage, but one client could be on e0a, one client on e1a. That's separated by a broadcast domain.


Your ports must be in the same broadcast domain space to be able to assign LIFs to.

Re: LIF port not enable


Problem is resolved we have missed the enabe the fc port.

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