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LREP Baseline with Clustered Ontap?




does anybody know if lrep_reader and lrep_writer works with clustered Ontap 8.3?

Can you tell me where I can get it and some example commands how to export and import a volume.







you can download LREP here:



but... it won't work for cDOT -

that's the description of LREP:

LREP is a logical replication utility that is useful for performing initial baseline (full) data transfers from a supported Open Systems SnapVault client or a SnapVault primary system onto a SnapVault secondary destination.


since Open System SnapVault doesn't exist anymore in cDOT and also the way how snapvault works changed a lot there's no way to get this up'n running for clustered.




so as this does not work and other things like SMTape require a real tape-drive, which I don't have how else can I do a baseline without stressing the WAN line for weeks/months?


Is it possible to do it like this:


On the secondary site with slow wan connection:

  - a volume for VMware datastore (NFS) contains a few VMs -> Copy the files inside the datastore to a USB drive

  - a volume for CIFS fileshares contains some files/folders -> Copy the files/folders to a USB drive


On the pirmary site:

  - create two volumes for SnapVault relation with the same size as the source (secondary site)

  - then import all the files / folders to the volumes from the USB drive


Can I use that data then to initialize SnapVault or is this data not "valid" and needs to be fully overwritten by SnapVault process?






what you're asking for is something similiar to snapmirror to tape

there's a way to use smtape without tape-drive - check it out: http://www.thinkway.info/2012/10/netapp-smtape-to-external-hard-harddisk-workaround/


i used it with 7-mode systems - not quite sure this still works with cDot


for your requirements i actually don't have a clue how to get this done - haven't had this issue for cDOT yet.





Yeah I saw this one before, but the command asks for a attached tape as destination (on clustered ontap) 😞



Look at options available in diag mode. As usual, you are strongly advised to consult with NetApp before using any diag level commands.