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LUN MOVE Sanity Check


I have two (2) LUNs in a single volume.  This prevents me from doing a Guest File Restore via SnapCenter.

If I were to move one of the LUNs to a new volume would this be at all disruptive if the LUN is currently presented to clustered ESXi hosts (6.5 U2) and contains several VMDKs which are attached as Basic Disks to Windows 2012 Servers?


Documentation doesn't specifically call out any risk of disruption and I've done similar operations via volume move without disruption.  But rather than assume anything I was hoping the community could provide some real-world practical advice from the LUN perspective.


Thank you in advance for said advice.



Re: LUN MOVE Sanity Check


Hi there!


LUN move is a non-disruptive command - here is someone using it in a real world type scenario and it cutting over without issue - http://www.datacenterdude.com/netapp/best-kept-secret-in-netapp-data-ontap-8-3/


Hope this helps!

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