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LUN names not showing


I have the ONTAP Kernel-Version: NetApp Release 9.7RC1 in the AFF box

The LUN statistics command (: statistics lun show) not showing the LUN names on my system. It starts the result from Vserver names

However, the Netapp documentation says it will list the LUN names.


Is this a known bug with the version 9.7RC1

Another same AFF with 9.7P6 shows the LUN names 


Re: LUN names not showing


without even looking at the bug db, I will tell you that you should upgrade to 9.7P6.    And try the command.  



Re: LUN names not showing


Can you give a sample output? It may be a known issue. Feel free to obfuscate names to generic "lun1" "vol1" etc.


Checking the bug release comparison tool, not seeing anything there just taking a 5 sec look: https://mysupport.netapp.com/NOW/cgi-bin/relcmp.on?notfirst=Go!&rels=9.7RC1%2C9.7P6&what=fix

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