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Lab Gear - v3040

Though not officially supported, can someone tell me if they've install 8.2.1 or 8.2.2 7-mode on a v3040?  I have a single shelf of SATA and single controller I'd like to upgrade...  Also, has anyone built a single-node cDOT install of the same version?

Please advise.




Re: Lab Gear - v3040

Single node cluster is trivial. As for 8.2 ... Just try to boot it in maintenance mode. Does it work?

Re: Lab Gear - v3040

Thanks aborzenkov.  I could try it I suppose but have an infrastructure, upwards of 50 virtual servers (monitoring, Horizon, AD, Exchange--most importantly Plex).  I'm asking to save time, not for lack of knowledge on how to test if it works--I do have a spare 3040 if I'd like to commit to that task.  I appreciate the response, but not the answer I'm looking for at the moment.

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