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Load sharing volumes in Ontap Cluster mode


In cluster mode Load sharing Volumes, when any Writes requests are coming, will they go to local LS volume or to Original Read-Write Volume which is in different node?

I understand that Read requests will go to local LS volume instead of Original Read-Write Volume to improve Read performance.



Load sharing mirrors are read only unless you are accessing it via the admin share.

Check out page 57 (7.2 Accessing Load-Sharing Mirror Volumes) of the following TR:

SnapMirror Configuration and Best Practices Guide for Clustered Data ONTAP - http://www.netapp.com/us/media/tr-4015.pdf

"By default, all client requests for access to a volume in an LS mirror set are granted read-only access. Read-write access is granted by accessing a special administrative mount point, which is the path that servers requiring read-write access into the LS mirror set must mount. All other clients will have read-only access."

When you are accessing the admin share for write access, you are accessing the source volume.

"After changes are made to the source volume, the changes must be replicated to the rest of the

volumes in the LS mirror set using the snapmirror update-ls-set command, or with a scheduled


Thanks Sean for a clear explanation.

You are very welcome!


Can we use load sharing volumes in file storage and block storage? I mean I have 2 flexvols one containing a lun and other CIFS shared. Can I create load sharing mirrors for both?



Anish -


LS mirrors are for file access (NAS), not for block (SAN).

I hope this response has been helpful to you.

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