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Maximum aggr size for 8.3 FAS8040


Have 3 SATA 4246 disk shelves, all 3TB drives.  The main purpose of his new FAS8040 is for hosting virtual machines.  To simplify my end, really thinking about 1 aggregrate.  With 8.3, what is the max size and # of disks allowed? 


What's requirements of the System Aggregrate while I'm at it 🙂




Re: Maximum aggr size for 8.3 FAS8040


cdot - you need a system aggregate.. 3 disk raid-dp


Check the HWU for max aggr size in cdot.  

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Re: Maximum aggr size for 8.3 FAS8040


You're well below the limit of 324TB, 30 shelves or 720 disks/LUNs.  You should end up with ~66TB usable on each node (after root aggregagtes, spares and parity disks) across 2 (16 disk) RAID groups in the data aggregate.  With VMware you'll want to be careful more with your Datastore sizes to make sure you can handle the backup/restore RPO/RTO than you will any technical limits.  We try to keep our Datastores ~3TB and use Datastore Clusters to ease placement and management, but it all depends on the process and technology you plan to utilize for your backup/DR capabilities.

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