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Maximum number of nodes




   If i have an existing FAS 2554 HA pair, and i did add a new FAS2620 HA pair to the cluster ONTAP 9.3, total will be 4 nodes, when checking on HWU i found that maximum node of FAS 2554 should be 8, and FAS2620 is 12, but we ar going to use the fewest number as the maximum limit, then it will be 8 of FAS 2554 and 8 of FAS2620.


my question: on  my case total maximum should 16 node then i still have 12 node availble for future use, of my total maximum limit is 8 so i still have 4 nodes avaible for future use.




Re: Maximum number of nodes


the lower amount i'm afraid.  4 will be avail for other use....

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Re: Maximum number of nodes


This is correct. The lowest node count is the total supported number of nodes in the cluster.

If there are any FAS2554s in the cluster, then the maximum node count is 8.

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