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Metrocluster - Replace Cisco switches with Brocade switches


Dear all,


We need to replace Cisco switches with Brocade switches.

I have some steps in mind, anyway... does anyone of you have already performed this operation ?


We are talking about back end switches in a Metrocluster FC 







There's a doc that might help - 



I would make sure that they are also supported via the IMT. 


Ciao Ninja 🙂


Thanks for your reply.

I was just looking for that procedure but as it talks about upgrade from an old brocade to new brocade switches i was asking if someone performes the procedure from Cisco to Brocade.

Again, i have maybe the steps in my mind and so... begin with fabric 1 and then fabric 2 but just to know if someone have some tips about from Cisco to Brocade.


Anyway.. i'll let you posted about what i'll find out 🙂




I've moved from one to the other before, but it was always host side and the zoning that was "fun" to deal with during the migration.  


With this though, all the zoning/configs are in the RCF files.     I don't think it would matter (someone can chime in here if i'm missing something) The steps would be the same.     You're disabling one fabric at a time and then brining it up on new switches.   i can't find that specific doc though, i'll keep looking around though. 


Lastly, I would make sure that the optics are compatible going to the new gen switch as well as verify with the IMT. 





We will keep us posted, anyway normally in 1 month i'll perform the operation.

I'll come back with the steps/procedure performed.



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